Selasa, 27 September 2011

V/A Share not Sell vol.2 - In Difference We Trust (2011)

Track list :
01. We Will Fly (Berlin, Germany)
02. Wethepeople! (Indonesia)
03. 24Caliberletter (Malaysia)
04. All The Kings Men (Australia)
05. Fluorescent (Indonesia)
06. No Regime (Los angeles, USA)
07. I lost The Plot (Malaysia)
08. Ilegal action (Indonesia)
09. This is A movement (Rhode island, USA)
10. Knockdown (Indonesia)
11. N4s (Philippines)
12. Straight at venue (Indonesia)
13. Stop Killing Animals (Indonesia)
14. Youth Issue (Japan)
15. Letter of memories (Indonesia)
16. King Ly Chee (Hongkong)
17. Public Sphere (Japan)
18. Straight Opposition (Italy)
19. Sorroundings (Australia)
20. Killed On Juarez (Indonesia)
21. Suspect (Indonesia)
22. Darkclown (Malaysia)
23. Govinda Sky (Boston, USA)

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Rabu, 13 Juli 2011

Wonderful Thrashed - From a bad state to the worst one (re-release) 2011

I really happy because finally I will be spending a lot of time to re-releasing the first album of Wonderful Thrashed entitled "From a bad state to the worst one", as some of you know, this album is the first album of WonderfulThrashed they’ve ever released under the auspices of a local Record label called "Bizzare sound production". And I really interested in re-releasing this album in digital form, and of course it’s “free download”. All of you will be able to enjoy this album with a new look, and it will be out on august 14th 2011. So for you guys who like Propagandhi, Skin of tears and also Nofx, prepare yourselves and your ears to download and listen this album. 

Selasa, 12 Juli 2011

Wonderful Thrashed New Merchandise 2011


- Wonderful Thrashed "Manusia Dalam Krisis" is oficial merchandise from Wonderful Thrashed in cooperate with Hopes Record and Artwork, this is a Wonderful Thrashed new merchandise in 2011.
- Available in very limited stock / stok terbatas.
- Size available in / tersedia dalam ukuran: M, L, XL, XXL
- Price / harga Rp. 65.000.

How to order ?

- Send me your text message to 0856.9514.2426 with fomat / kirim sms anda dengan format seperti dibawah inii ke 0856.9514.2426 :
1. Name / nama
2. Address / alamat
3. Size / ukuran

Note :
- Price is exclude postage paid / harga belum termasuk ongkos kirim.